Cliff Rescue sa Pacifica

On June 16 at 2:20 a.m. 3 Fire Companies, 1 Technical Rescue unit and 1 Chief Officer responded to a vehicle over the side of a cliff in the area of Manor Drive and Heathcliff Drive in Pacifica. The vehicle travelled more than 150 feet down the cliff into a steep ravine of heavy brush.

Utilizing a rope rescue system, along with rescue basket firefighter/paramedics went over the edge repelling down the side of the cliff in order to reach the victim. After reaching and making contact with the patient, firefighter/paramedics assessed the patient’s injuries and treated the medical conditions found. Once the patient was stabilized, firefighters placed the victim into the rescue basket and brought the patient up the side of the cliff.

The victim was transported by ambulance unit to the hospital. The incident was mitigated in approximately one hour.

North County Fire Authority reminds the public to maintain situational awareness and keep safety in mind at all times.


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