Cliff Rescue Near Pacifica

On June 15, 2018 at 9:34 p.m. 7 Fire Companies, 2 Technical Rescue Units and 3 Chief Officers responded to a cliff rescue located near Blackburn Terrace & Kent Road within the County area near the City of Pacifica.

Upon arrival, fire companies located 3 hikers that had become stranded approximately 700 – 800 feet down the side of a cliff and due to the location, darkness and weather required the rescue to wait until daylight when firefighters would attempt to repel down to the hikers, who were not injured, just stranded with no way to get out on their own. Firefighters stayed in contact with the hikers through the night and provided updates to the hikers and family.

In daylight and with wind calming down a California Highway Patrol (CHP) helicopter was utilized to make the rescue of the 3 hikers and brought each to waiting firefighter/paramedics, thus firefighters did not have to repel over the cliffside to make the rescue.

After retrieving the hikers, firefighter/paramedics assessed the 3 hikers for any medical conditions and the group was reunited with the family, with the incident lasting over 13 hours.

The North County Fire Authority wants to remind everyone of the importance of being prepared, staying within designated hiking areas and avoid taking risks while in the outdoors.



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