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Chipper Program

The Pacifica Vegetation Reduction Chipping Program will begin August 2021. Please see the list below for scheduled chipping days in your area.Please note that some areas may have additional chipping days based on available grant funding. North County Fire Authority and the City of Pacifica have worked diligently applying for various grants to support Wildfire Preparedness efforts in our area. As a result, the Coastal Conservancy awarded the City of Pacifica a grant to support a Pacifica Vegetation Reduction Chipping Program. Select areas throughout Pacifica have been identified to receive chipping work through the Coastal Conservancy Grant.

The Chipper Program is a fuel reduction program to help decrease our community threat from wildfire. The program goal is to assist residents in creating and maintaining defensible space around their homes.  The chipper will enable the residence to easily dispose of large amounts of fuel that surrounds their home.

Chipper Program

The chipping will be conducted by contracted chipping crews paid by grant funds.  The North County Fire Authority asks that you stack your materials by 8:00 a.m. along the roadside no more than 7 days prior to your scheduled chipping day and we will take care of the rest. No signup or registration is required.This service is provided at no charge, but there are some restrictions. The chipper cannot chip Eucalyptus bark or poison oak. Materials cannot contain nails or screws, as it can damage the chipper and any personnel operating it. Fuels such as brush, and tree limbs are accepted, and branches with diameters up to 8″ are acceptable. Branches need to be stacked in a neat pile with all the cut ends facing the road. Piles are limited to 10 ft wide x 10 ft long. Please do not stack trimmings on dry grass, or next to trees, brush, or structures. Brush will be chipped back on site with exception of certain areas.

Please view the By Street Name list below to view scheduled dates for Pacifica Chipping Days.

If you have any questions, please email

Our Pacifica Vegetation Reduction Chipping Program will begin as Scheduled. Please be on the lookout for the flyer with your chipping date or Check by Street Name Below. 


• Grand Ave, Belfast Ave, Athenian WayPedro Point10/26/21

• Fassler Ave (East of Terra Nova) and Terra NovaLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Everglades DriveLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Oddstad (North of Everglades Drive)Linda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Cape Breton Ct, Buffalo Ct, Cape Breton DriveLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Glacier Ave, St. Lawrence Drive, St. Lawrence CtLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Prairie Creek Dr, Big Bend Dr., RainierLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Oddstad (South of Everglades Dr)Linda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Yosemite Dr, Humboldt CtLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Lincoln Blvd, Lincoln Ln. Barton PL, Brooks PLLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Park Pacifica Ave, Woodrow Pl, Randolf PLLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Judson Pl, Carleton PlLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica8/27/21
• Rosita Rd & Valdez WayLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica8/30/21
• Yellowstone Dr., Park Pacifica, Point Reyes WayLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Aspen, Bryce Canyon Way, Kings Canyon WayLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Big Sur Way, Kathleen Ct, Grand Teton DrLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Kendell Ct, Picardo CtLinda Mar/ Park Pacifica10/28/21
• Olympian WayPedro Point10/26/21
• San Pedro Av, Livingston Av, StanleyPedro Point10/26/21
• Sterling Av, Sussex Way, Essex WayPedro Point10/26/21
• Kent Road, Blackburn TerracePedro Point10/26/21
• Rosita West of Capistrano DrLinda Mar SouthernFirst Week of September
• Perez DrLinda Mar SouthernFirst Week of September
• Valleywood Ct, Springwood Way, Oakwood CtLinda Mar SouthernFirst Week of September
• Galvez Dr, Palou DrLinda Mar SouthernFirst Week of September
• Monte Verde Dr, South Rosita CtLinda Mar SouthernFirst Week of September
• Peraita Rd, Higgins Way, Adobe DrLinda Mar SouthernFirst Week of September
• Buel Ave, Rockaway Beach AveRockaway Beach11/15/21
• Donaldson Ave, Ebken St, Copeland StRockaway Beach11/15/21
• Bayview Rd, Spring St, Pilar PlRockaway Beach11/15/21
• Calera Ter, Troglia TrRockaway Beach11/15/21
• Lauren Ave, Franz Ct, Hillside DrVallemar11/15/21
• Ramona Ave, Reina Del Mar Ave, Winona AveVallemar11/15/21
• Verona Ave, Dardenelle Ave, Reichling AveVallemar11/15/21
• Piedmont Ave, Oneonta Ave, Orinda AveVallemar11/15/21
• Naomi Av, Minerva Ave, Bonita AveVallemar11/15/21
• Juanita Ave, Angelita Ave, Nataqua AveVallemar11/15/21
• Hiawatha Ave, Amapola Ave, Berendos AveVallemar11/15/21
• Calaveras Ave, Ursula Ave, Genevieve AveVallemar11/15/21
• Fern Ave, Keith Ave, Aurora Ct, Mondoc PlVallemar11/15/21
• Vallecito LnVallemar11/15/21

For a list of identified addresses eligible to participate in the Pacifica Vegetation Reduction Chipping Program click the links:

For maps of the chipping areas, click the links:

For more information on Living with Fire In San Mateo County Click Here.

Do you know your Zone? Please take this time to become familiar with the Evacuation Zone of your residents. Visit to see all of Pacifica’s evacuation zones.

Download the Pacifica Vegetation Reduction Chipping Program:


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