Administrative Services Bureau

Administrative Services Bureau

Administrative Services Bureau Responsibilities
  • Administrative Services Bureau
  • Budget Development & Management;
  • Accounting, Payables, Receivables and Payroll Processing
  • Emergency Medical Services, QA & QI
  • Continuing Education and Certifications
  • Emergency Medical Equipment & Goods
  • Data Entry and Cost Recovery Billing
  • Social Media and Department Website
  • Human Resources and Workers Compensation Coordination
  • Mapping and Technology Enhancements
  • Emergency Planning, Community Training Preparedness, CERT, ECC & EOC Ops
  • Policy & Procedures/Rules & Regulations
  • Professional Standards and Internal Affairs
  • Statistical Analysis and Incident RMS
  • Safety, Wellness, Risk Management and illness, Injury Prevention Program (IPP)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Capital Projects Coordination
  • Strategic Planning and Annual Reporting
  • Community Relations & Outreach
  • Special Projects and Assignments

Administrative Services Divisions

Community Emergency Planning & Disaster Preparedness Division

The Community Emergency Planning & Disaster Preparedness Division coordinates all aspects of planning and preparedness as it relates to small and large-scale emergencies. This includes anything from a house fire to a catastrophic earthquake.

To get individuals and families prepared for emergencies, this division provides:

  • School programs
  • Speakers bureaus
  • Exhibits and public displays
  • Media releases
  • Door-to-door canvassing
  • CPR training and certification
  • Community Emergency Response Team (Daly City & Pacifica)
  • Community Emergency Volunteer (CEV – Brisbane) programs

Basic Emergency Preparedness
A one-hour presentation that is geared towards organizations such as Homeowners Associations, PTAs, and Service Clubs to give citizens a basic understanding of the threats we face and the steps to take to become better prepared.

Earthquake Preparedness
A 2.5-hour presentation on how to prepare your home, workplace, vehicle, and utilities for an earthquake or disaster.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
A 20-hour training course held over an eight-week period educates and trains individuals in basic disaster response skills, including general preparedness, fire safety, disaster medical operations, light search & rescue, team organization, disaster psychology, and terrorism.

CPR Training & Certification
First Aid & CPR/AED classes are offered several times throughout the year.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division
  • The EMS Division provides our community with professional emergency medical services.
  • A California State Licensed paramedic is placed on each fire company to assist our citizens and visitors during a medical emergency, and our personnel are trained to the highest standard and meet the demands of the ever-changing emergency medical practices.